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The Village Hall is located at:
147 S. Michigan, Bradley, IL 60915
815 936 5100

Village of Bradley

Transparency Portal

The Illinois Policy Institute created its “Ten-Point Transparency Checklist” to hold government and elected officials accountable to the citizens and taxpayers. The checklist provides a “best practices” framework intended to improve government transparency throughout the State of Illinois.

Village Board Meetings

The Bradley Village Board meets at 6:30 p.m. the second and fourth Mondays of the month at Village Hall, 147 S. Michigan Ave., Bradley, IL 60915.

Village Board meetings, along with all committee meetings and some commission meetings, are also streamed live on the Village’s official YouTube channel. Viewers can visit the channel up to 15 minutes before the start of the meeting and then click on that meeting’s video icon to begin watching the live stream.

Minutes and agendas for each meeting, as well as links to audio and video files associated with certain meetings, are available under the Government tab on the Village website.

Illinois Freedom of Information Act

FOIA Officer
Khamseo Nelson

Village Clerk’s Office
147 S. Michigan Ave.
Bradley, IL 60915

Email FOIA Officer

Phone: (815) 936-5100

Annual Financial Reports

Annual Village Budgets

Read a list of the Annual Village Budgets from current and past years.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and Management Letters

Audit Reports

Read the Village’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for more information.


Read the Vendor Reports for more information.

Annual Treasurer’s Report for Fiscal Years Ending April 30

Salaries and Benefits

The Compensation Reports are in consideration of Public Act 97-0609. The Village has opted to provide greater disclosure than is specifically required by this Act.

Police Pension Fund Annual Reports

Read the Annual Pension Reports required under PA 95-950 for more information.

Tax Increment Financing Districts

Read the Village’s TIF Reports for more information.

Collective Bargaining Contracts and Agreements

See any of the below links for more information.

Village of Bradley Lobbyists

The Village of Bradley does not engage in any direct legislative lobbying through a paid lobbyist or lobby firm. However, Village Board members and staff participate in a variety of professional organizations and intergovernmental cooperatives. At times, these groups have taken positions on specific legislative issues that have a direct effect on their membership or the stated goals of the organization.

Taxes and Fees

See below for more information on taxes and fees in the Village of Bradley.

Sales Tax

Coming Soon

Property Tax

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Tax Levy

Licensing and Permits

View information about the various licenses and permits required in the Village of Bradley

Open Bids and Proposals

Read the Open Bids and Proposals for more information.

Village Ordinances

Village Resolutions

Village Reports

Village Meetings

Agenda & Minutes