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Village of Bradley Police Department

Support Services

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Serving Our Community

General Investigation is made up of operational detectives who investigate a broad category or crime. They normally work from police stations.

Detective Duties

  • Gathering evidence
  • Executing warrants of arrest or search warrants
  • Using investigative techniques
  • Preparing case dockets for court proceedings
  • Attending crime scenes
  • Tracking and arresting suspects
  • Searching premises and seizing evidence
  • Investigating reported crime
  • Serving summonses and subpoenas

Detective Case Work

Property & Evidence

Property Management / Crime Scene Services

Retention of Property

The following are the guidelines set forth by Illinois statute in reference to the retention of property by this department:

Found / Abandoned

6 Months (Minimum)

Evidence / Contraband

Following final case disposition

Forfeited Property

Upon final date of forfeiture


6 Months

Unsolved Cases

After the appropriate statute of limitations

Property Acquisition

If you are the victim of a crime and the Bradley Police have taken possession of your property as evidence the following is the procedure to possibly obtain these items prior to the above listed retentions:

Prosecuted by Kankakee States Attorney’s Office

Upon final disposition of cases prosecuted by the Kankakee County States Attorney’s office:

Contact the States Attorney’s office and request an evidence Disposal form. Be prepared to provide them with one or more of the following:

  • Your personal information (including photo ID)
  • Your case number
  • Date of the crime
  • Type of crime
  • Offenders name (if adult)
  • Description of the items you are wishing to obtain

Using some or all of this information and if statute allows, you will be issued an evidence release form.

Contact Officer Baxter by phone, in person or via e-mail and provide a copy of the evidence release form as well as your contact information.

Officer Baxter – 815 936 5128 –

Officer Baxter will then prepare all necessary local paperwork and comply with any special instructions from the States Attorney’s Office (IE Photos etc). He will then contact you and set up a time and date when the return of the items to you will take place.

NOT Prosecuted by Kankakee States Attorney’s Office

If your case was NOT prosecuted by the Kankakee States Attorneys office (IE no suspect, juvenile offender etc).

Please contact the Detective who is working your particular case. They will at times have the authority to release your items.

If this is the case, please provide them with your contact information and they will make arrangements with Officer Baxter to return your items to you.

Evidence / Crime Scenes

All Bradley Police Officers are Certified Crime Scene Technicians and are thus able to process most crime scenes they will come across. The Bradley Police also have 2 Illinois State Certified Crime Scene Investigators on staff to assist with more complex scenes.

There are often times when the Bradley Police will process a scene and collect evidence from that scene. Many times these items belong to our victims. Please keep in mind that we will only collect items of evidentiary value and will attempt to obtain only the “best” evidence.

If you are the victim of a crime the following is a few things to keep in mind in reference to evidence:
  • First and foremost is your safety. If in doubt about anything….back away and contact local authorities (police, fire, code etc).
  • If you come upon a crime scene try not to disturb it or touch anything. The Bradley police quite often use “touch DNA” to solve cases and if you touch an item it can contaminate the scene. If however, you do have to touch something (IE to assist an injured subject etc) simply advise the responding officer/s as there are simple procedures we can use to document and eliminate your DNA from the investigation if needed.
  • Be observant to all your senses….relay anything you detected prior to police arrival on scene to the responding officer / investigator:
  • Sight – Did you see something or someone that just seemed odd, out of place etc.
  • Smell – Were there any smells that you recognized or were odd base on the situation at hand
  • Sounds – did you hear something prior to or immediately following the incident

Often these things may seem insignificant at the onset, but could be crucial in linking a suspect to a scene.

Remember….if it just doesn’t feel right…it probably isn’t.

CSI Contact

Officer Matt Baxter

Crime Scene and Evidence Unit
Village of Bradley Police Detective Badge

Officer Baxter heads up the Property Management Unit of the Bradley Police.

Please do not hesitate to contact him should you have any questions about evidence, property or lost / abandoned items.


Serving Our Community

The records component of the Bradley Police Department is responsible for the following:

  • Providing assistance to public when required
  • Classifying, indexing, filing, storing and purging reports and record information
  • Compiling and distributing data and periodic activity management reports to department personnel
  • Entering necessary and appropriate data into the system for purposes of record retention and IUCR requirements

Records Contacts

Fact Sheets and Statements can be filled out at any time, please include case number if one is known.

If you need to sign a complaint against an individual you can complete the Fact sheets or Statement and call to make complaint.


911 Dispatch Unit

Mission Statement

The Emergency Communications Center serves as the vital link for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services to the citizens and visitors of the Village of Bradley.

Our Telecommunicators provide superior public safety dispatch services with a commitment to excellence.

We strive to continuously improve the quality of services we provide through ongoing training, public education, and technological improvements to better serve our community, now and in the future.


The Village of Bradley Emergency Communications Center is staffed by 10 full time Telecommunicators providing 911 Police and Fire dispatch services to all residences and businesses in the Village. Bradley is one of three PSAP’s (Public Safety Answering Point) in Kankakee County. The other two are Bourbonnais Police, and KanComm, the city/county consolidated center in Kankakee. All three centers are NG-911 (Next Generation 911) ready and are awaiting construction of the statewide emergency services network. Once constructed, NG-911 will allow wireless callers to text 911, or even send video of the emergency situation.

The Village has implemented a dispatcher certification program in conjunction with the Association of Public Safety Officials (APCO) to provide the latest and most comprehensive training and continuing education for our staff. APCO is the world’s largest public safety communications organization. Partnering with APCO will help our Telecommunicators keep pace in an ever changing world of technology and allow us to offer the best possible emergency service communications to the residents and visitors of our community.

Beginning in 2014, we began offering public education to our elementary school children on the proper uses of 911, when and when not to call 911, and how they can help us by knowing what information is needed when calling 911. Our 911 for kids program provides a fun and interactive examples on how 911 works and what to do in an emergency.

Staffed By

10 Full-Time Telecommunicators

911 Dispatchers - We are first responders
  • 147 S. Michigan
    Bradley, IL 60915

  • Phone: 815-932-2125

  • Fax: 815-933-9496

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