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Sewer Service Reminder: How to Properly Dispose of Fryer Oil


The container method: One way to safely toss oil is pouring the cooled liquid into a disposable container (think old sour cream or cottage cheese containers) and sealing it shut. You can then simply throw the container away.

The freezer method: You can also pour leftover oil into an old can and place it in the freezer until it’s hardened. Once the oil is firm, you should scoop it out and into the trash with a spoon. If you’re using smaller amounts of oil you can also allow the oil to harden in a coffee mug, scoop into the trash and then wash the mug as usual.

The plastic bag method: Finally, you can always toss cooled oil into a plastic trash bag, provided it already has some debris inside. Old paper towels, veggie peels and more can help soak up some of the grease so you don’t have such a mess.

Whichever method you choose, don’t ever attempt to toss oil while it’s still hot–this can be dangerous!

Also, you should never pour oil down you drain, toilet, or any sewer. Oil has the potential to clog your drains and damage your pipes, which can leave you with a nasty mess and a big repair bill.



Dec 30, 2019 - Jan 05, 2020